I am a happy man, a husband,
a therapist of the RUŠ Method
and a happy partnership courses lecturer.

How I´ve started doing what I like

Previously I´ve been dreaming a lot, but my dreams were not fulfilled. Instead, I was hidden behind my computer and expected the change to come. Years passed. When my wife appeared in my life, I realized it was time to act.

I solved my fear to talk to people,  fear to travel, the uncertainty surrounding business and money with the RUŠ Method and that's why I´ve started doing what makes sense and fun to me. Today I´m creating my life and I am glad to be able to experience it with a wonderful woman.

I became a strong man

I became a good and strong man for my wife. We have an amazing marriage, especially because we care about each other. We have the harmonious values ​​and principles that we can rely on in life. Whatever comes to our lives, we are two.

We share these principles in our workshops as well as online courses. See Partnerské sladění and Předmanželské sladění.

I´ve started traveling

When I removed the blocks from traveling and realized how much I like the diversity of life, I began to discover the atmosphere of different countries.

We´ve had fun everywhere, in Bali, Sri Lanka, India, Greece, Italy, Austria, and I look forward for another adventures.

Thanks to traveling, I tasted a lot of food, I was diving, sailing on the sailboat and hearing interesting native tales.

Radek kouká na rýžová pole

I'm the therapist with the soul of the ´IT crowd´

Even though I´m working a lot with people these days, I like to relax by programming, writing codes and exploring technical innovations. I do IT support on websites.

I have the soul of "IT crowd". I understand technically oriented men, introverts, and I can explain to them how our precious women work, what they need in order for the two to be satisfied in the long term.

I like to help

About 80% of my clients are women. I think it's because of women have more courage to work to change their lives to be happier.

I would also appeal to you, man, work on yourself and be happy with yourself and your partnership.

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In harmony with nature

With my wife Lucie ,we live as healthy as possible according to local possibilities, we behave ecologically and responsibly to nature and planet Earth.

More and more I realize how everything in nature is a perfect system that we humans have disrupted. We need water filters, we do not have clean air, we've literally contaminated the soil of the fertilizer, and we still have not realized we´ve done it all by ourselves.

I do not have the chance to change the world, but I can live considerably towards nature, myself and the environment.

"When everyone takes care of both himself/herself and the surrounding environment, everyone and everything will be taken care of."

Radek Chromý