The first meeting with Mr. Chromy was very pleasant. I soon found the courage to tell him what was worrying me and what kind of problem I had in marriage. I was surprised that it was totally related to my childhood and that it really can be solved. After therapy, I felt relief and satisfaction.
Radek helped me a lot - when I needed the most help, he responded so quickly, he managed to move me with smart tricks to the right event, where the cleaning went smoothly. I also liked his empathic attitude and kindness. With his help I managed to easily overcome the difficult period of my life. Thanks a lot :).
Radical therapy for me was like a balm on my sore soul. At every moment Radek led me, I felt his strong intention to really help me come closer to my happy life. When I could not recall the connection with childhood, he asked me differently. He searched in every way how to find programs and clean them forever. I am surprised to find out where all the connections to what caused the uncomfortable feelings are coming from. And that's where we came out, discovered, solved very thoroughly and I have been happy since then. I enjoy living, I enjoy everything I do ... I have a huge open heart full of pure, unconditional love, and I want to give it all around me. I came to therapy with the need to resolve the painful divorce ... A few days later I feel like a completely different person. Radek really helped me. Thank you!
Luci and Radek are rare gems in the world of therapy and personal development. Within moments of discussion they were able to guide and help me to uncover deep programs from childhood. In a short time, I was able to release and be free of those programs and other unknown programs that had controlled many aspects of my life. Anybody committed to clearing past traumas or digging out issues they feel are controlling their life in a way they don’t care for will be rewarded by Luci and Radek’s powerful combination of gentle guidance, intuition and superior communication skills!
Brad W.British Columbia, Canada
Radek is a great therapist. He was quick to find out what bothered me, and we easily solved the problem. Thanks for your quick help.